Power Transformers: 3 Tips for Improving Unit Performance

Posted on: 19 November 2020

Power transformers are critical electrical elements in industrial operations. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these units are performing optimally. If your transformer does not function as expected, you will experience electrical supply problems on your premises. As a result, the overall productivity of your worksite will decline. Moreover, malfunctioning transformers can cause safety issues and result in equipment and appliance damage. If you would like to promote better performance, consider using these simple guidelines.

1. Consider an Upgrade

You should think about upgrading your transformers for better function if your old units are no longer in good shape. There are numerous high-performance transformers on the market to consider for optimal industrial productivity. One of the most favourable options is cast resin transformers. The design of these units is more reliable than traditional alternatives. The cast resin is a highly durable material and it is not inflammable, promoting safety. Also, these are not oil-filled. They depend on air for cooling which decreases the maintenance requirements. In addition, they are easy to install and operate.

2. Maintain the Unit

You can improve the performance of your old transformer by planning for regular maintenance. Often, these units decline in function due to lack of care. There are numerous upkeep tasks that you must consider for ideal performance. The most important is ensuring that there is sufficient oil in the transformer. Allowing the oil to run out will cause internal damage. Also, you should make sure that there is proper air movement in the equipment. Additionally, it is crucial to plan for cleaning of the components such as the bushings and the marshalling boxes.

3. Conduct Inspections

Proper assessment of the condition of your power transformers is crucial for timely detection of functional problems. Keep in mind that most issues which arise in the equipment can be attributed to long-term degradation. One of the important inspection processes is evaluating the condition of the oil. If the oil is contaminated or degraded, you will need to replace it to prevent further problems. Also, you should ensure that the indicators and control features are in a good state. These should be tested to prevent failure during an unsafe situation. In addition, you should always pay attention to general damage to the transformer which could lead to complications in function.

Finally, you should plan for the early repair of your industrial transformers in case of malfunctions. Both traditional and cast resin power units might experience failure, so consider engaging a qualified specialist for troubleshooting and restoration.