Why Acrylic Is the Best Rendering Material for Your Commercial Building

Posted on: 14 July 2020

When renovating your business building or constructing a new one, you need to render it to make it durable and attractive. Rendering involves applying a coating on the interior and exterior surfaces. While some people use mineral or silicone to render their exterior walls, others use acrylic because it offers better results. Here's why most people use acrylic when rendering their commercial building.

It's Water-Resistant

Moisture can cause a lot of havoc to the exteriors of your commercial building. When the water droplets get trapped in the pockets, they either freeze or evaporate, causing the surfaces to warp or crack. 

Moreover, moisture could cause mould, bacteria and fungi to grow on the walls. However, acrylic rendering keeps such problems at bay because acrylic provides a seal that moisture, condensation and rain can't penetrate.

It's Flexible

Acrylic rendering comes with undeniable flexibility. And since acrylic is a flexible material, it's able to withstand varying temperatures. Other rendering materials can't tolerate certain temperatures, and that's why they crack or peel. However, acrylic doesn't contract or expand based on how cool or hot the temperatures are, and that's why it's a popular rendering material.

It Offers Customisable Finishes

You should choose the rendering material carefully because it determines the kind of finish you get. Most people choose acrylic render because it's textured. With a textured render, you can get a variety of finishes, depending on your taste and needs. 

Although you may choose a smooth, clean finish for your commercial building, it might make it hard to create a customised signature or finish. Acrylic rendering allows you to create a unique signature and add some colour tints on the walls of your commercial building.

It Dries Quickly

Most business people choose acrylic rendering because acrylic dries quickly. For this reason, acrylic rendering takes just a few days to complete. Furthermore, adverse weather conditions may not have a significant effect on the rendering project because acrylic dries within a short time. Other rendering options might take longer to dry. Choosing a rendering material that will take several days to almost a week to dry might make you lose some business opportunities.

With quality rendering, you can maintain the strength and integrity of your business building. And although most people are used to cement rendering, you can use acrylic to improve the aesthetics of the building. Acrylic is water resistant and flexible, dries fast and helps create customisable finishes on both exterior and interior walls. Contact a commercial rendering company to learn more.