3 Signs Your Shower Tiles Need Regrouting

Posted on: 25 November 2019

The grout that holds and seals your shower tiles has to deal with a lot of water over the years. While grout is able to hold its own for a long while, there will come a time when it starts to fail. When you get to this stage, it makes sense to have your shower re-grouted.

How can you tell if the time has come for a re-grout?

1. Your Grout is Damaged

Grout should fill the gaps between tiles and keep them waterproof. However, as it ages, it loses some of its waterproofing attributes.

For example, you may notice that you have areas between your shower tiles where the grout has fallen out or has cracked. Sometimes, if you push your finger on grouting, it feels unstable and some flakes away.

In these instances, your grout probably isn't fit for purpose. If water can get into missing areas or cracks, then your shower tiles aren't waterproof any longer. This is a sign that you need to deal with your grout to make it do its job again.

2. You Can't Get Rid of Mildew and Mould

Things like mildew and mould often take root on grout. It has a porous surface that attracts these types of growth. While you can clean these substances off to start with, this often gets harder with time.

If mould or mildew has taken hold, it will keep coming back, especially if the grout has lost some of its surface resistance. If they take hold in a big way, your grout will look black and nasty. This also isn't hygienic.

In some cases, you'll never be able to clean your tiles up completely. Even mould- and mildew-killers will leave you with stained grout. It may be simpler to tackle the problem once and for all and re-grout the area.

3. You Can't Get the Grout Clean

Grout doesn't always hold its colour well as it gets older. Even if it stays mould- and mildew-free, it can discolour. For example, white grout may yellow and start to look dirty. Coloured grout may look patchy and faded.

At this stage, you may find it hard to get your grout looking like it used to, even if you touch it up with products designed to revive the grout. Dirt may become ingrained between the tiles. Again, re-grouting gives you a fresh start.

Bear in mind that sealing is also useful after re-grouting. This protects the grout and the tiles for longer.

For more information on shower re-grouting and sealing, talk to local tile and grout repair companies.